The Can Borrell Country House

The first historic references of human settlements in the place where Can Borrell is now situated take us back many centuries. There are sources that discuss the discovery of iberian and roman ceramic fragments in the surroundings. Due to the location on the old path from Sant Cugat to Barcelona and crossroads towards Sant Medir, the country house turned into a mandatory stop off, firstly by the farming peasantry of the district who would bring their products to the capital, and later on by hikers and pilgrims of Sant Medir. On the day of this celebration the house opened its front and back doors so as to become a part of the footpath. On the return journey there was a dance and the last sardana of the Aplec was danced. Until recently the last dance of the party was still celebrated here. 


With the passing by of hikers and other people lunches and drinks started to be served, and thanks to the success it was converted into the farmhouse restaurant that it is today.